What differentiates a conventional dentist from a biological dentist?

Biological dentists are concerned with the health of the complete body, not just the teeth. They remove amalgam from teeth, give alternatives to root canals, and concentrate on non-surgical gum dis...

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Do tongue-ties change the way you talk?

If you think your child has a tongue tie, you should know the signs and how to treat them. Getting a speech evaluation can help you decide what to do. Tongue-tie can make it hard to speak, but it c...

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Advantages of Ceramic Implants

According to Dr. Vladimir Pastouk, although there is minimal difference between the treatments conducted with ceramic and titanium dental implants, there are slight variances. Dr. Wainwright compar...

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Tongue-Tie: What is it and how can you avoid it?

Dr. Vladimir Pastouk estimates that 5% of neonates suffer tongue-tie. Some words may be difficult to speak because of this condition. Check out the symptoms and treatment options for tongue-tie if...

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